I got a new camera

It's so sweet. It was my christmas present to myself... Smile

I realize this is a few weeks late, but uh, what's your favorite present that you received for various holidays this year?

(For me, plane tickets to europe to visit my brother)

Favorite you gave?

(kitchen hardware for my parents so they can finally remodel the kitchen, like they've been wanting to for years)

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my first laptop. I went full on geek for that! LOL

ETA: Sorry, read that as what's the best gift you've gotten period. This year my favorite gift was...my rain boots. Now I can go strolling through the rain and not get my pants wet. What? I like walking? I shouldn't have to not walk because the sky is crying.

ETA...again: So didn't see the favorite gift to give. Can't say for this year as I was too broke to buy any. Sad One year I gave my brother his very first mp3 player. I got a hug for that. He NEVER hugs me. I was quite pleased with his reaction. ^_^

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I got a Wii.

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Most High

Best gift we gave: a Wii to No1 and No2 Daughters--well, to the whole family.

Best gift I got: Tickets to Jonathan Coulton next month! eee!

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The best gift I got this year was a wave contoured keyboard from my wife.

The best gift I gave was a homemedics scale and bmi calculator.

Of course, not celebrating holidays of that nature keeps me from getting and giving more gifts.

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This year I got a TomTom for my car. I haven't actually used it yet, but I'm excited about it! I hate driving, especially when I don't know where I'm going, so hopefully this will help.

The best gift I gave is one I haven't actually given yet... my grandmother was sick (not very, thankfully) on Christmas and I haven't seen her yet, but I learned to knit intarsia so I could make her a little pillow with a picture of Finland from it. She's from Finland and I know she'll love it.

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Best physical present I got was probably the watch and necklace my boyfriend gave me. Pretty little tasteful things Smile

Best I gave was a plane ticket to London for above-mentioned boyfriend to come visit me at Oxford. It was discussed in advance, and he knows he's not getting any presents for any holidays for about three years, but yeah!

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I don't really have a favorite that I got; don't get me wrong, the MP3 player is getting almost constant use while I'm in lab (gods, makes an 8 hour stint in the clean room so much more tolerable), and the Fat Duck cookbook is going to yield some awesome results if I can ever find the various chemicals I need.

On the other hand, I'm totally excited about a couple of the gifts I gave. My mom has a thing for fancy wood work, so I took a piece of 304 stainless, ground it in to a nice rounded blade, then spent a day on the jeweler's wheel polishing it to a mirror shine. Milled out a couple of pieces of burled maple, glued it together, sanded the hell out of it, sanded it some more, and ended up with one hell of a letter opener for her to show off at work.

The one I'm most proud of, however, was my dad's present -- a pocket knife. I planked out a couple of pieces of iron wood for the handle (by hand, I found out that when you pit iron wood against band saw, iron wood wins), then milled it flat. For the inner workings of the knife (reinforcing the wood and providing the locking mechanism for the blade) I bribed the machine shop guys with baked goods to feed my CAD file and some 304 stainless in to the wire cutter. Finally I took a length of ATS-34 (a high carbon steel initially developed for jet engine parts), ground a blade out, then hardened it in the lab furnace (40 minutes at 1950 F) followed by two tempering steps (2 hours at 950 F each). Rough polished the whole thing, slid the blade on to a quarter inch stainless steel pin (blade reamed out to .251", handle steel to .249"). After that was just a 1/8" stainless steel pin for easy opening, attaching the handles, and finishing it.

Ultimately I think the letter opener would have taken more time if the iron wood hadn't eaten the band saw, but I was going for totally different effects. The letter opener was all about aesthetics, but the pocket knife was all about technical perfection; that knife will probably survive the apocalypse and still have a sharp enough edge to cut god.

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Most High

THAT is an impressive project.

DId you happen to take photos? As a fellow blade enthusiast, and onetime knifemaker, I would love see the finished gifts.

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Actually waiting for photos to be sent back to me since I forgot to take them over xmas. Hopefully I'll get those before long to pass along, and if anyone else is in to knife making I could send along the CAD files for the internals of the knife including the liner lock.

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