Chapter 7 in scheduler

  • Posted on: 25 June 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Chapter 7 will go live either at midnight PDT or tomorrow morning at 7 am. I just updated the software and now I don't know if it behaves the same way or what, and I can't stay up tonight to make sure. I just can't. I have to get back on a somewhat sane schedule. I think I'm sick or something; I have a node raised in my neck and I just can't stay awake. I'm going to try for a Saturday chapter (you guys still have an unused target), but until things improve I am a little hesitant to say, yes, there will be one.


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Blum 3 Software updates seem to cause more problems than solutions, huh?
Iz okay. We wait patiently I-m so happy
Well, except those people who sit at their computers drooling til 4am ^^;;; I think that's a compliment though Biggrin

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Feel better!

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Hope you feel better soon, Mei-Mei!

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Killing oneself over a free online serial fiction? Not so much.

Rest. Get better. *Then* write.

Besides... we'll never know how it ends if you don't take care of yourself! Wink

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