I can has introduction?

I am really not as much of a geek as my title makes me sound. I swear Smile But we went out for fast food and I ordered a cheeseburger and my friend Lewis immediately went "I can has cheeseburger?" which thus a) has made me turn everything into an "I can has" statement for the last twelve hours and b) seriously confused the woman serving us.

Such is life.

Anyway, I'm Marri. I tend to ramble. Hi!

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You seriously popped “I can has another? Please?” from Tales of Mu into my head now I've got co-workers wondering if ive lost my mind.

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Mwahahaha. I shall bring Tales of Mu with me wherever I go!

Though possibly without the paddles.

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Most High

without the paddles?

I am a serious cheezburger fan; my daughters and I regularly have cheez-outs together. Smile

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Ramble away. Trust me, you'll fit right in. I'm V.

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Rambling is basically what any registered member who commments does Blum 3 Welcome!! I-m so happy I'm Han-pan buuuuut you can call me Han and I tend to be pretty hyper and overtalkative myself. See??? xP

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I yield to the assurances that rambling is normal Biggrin

I have discovered a serious addiction to Sims 2 which is eating my time. It is quite sad. I blame my friends for making Sim versions of themselves. Claire and Jeff have a daughter and two cats (named Giggles and Stud at their own request) now, and Sarah's expecting her third child with Thomas.

I reeeeally need something better to do.

Though they still want me to make a Sim woman named Mommy Fecunda, give her a neighborhood of her own, and see how many children I can make her have before I run out of sanity. I think 113 was the last number they came up with.

Poor lady.

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