I Loses the Pointer....

I'm not sure there is much to be done about it, and it's not serious....but the color of my mouse pointer and the color of the side bar seem to be verly verly close....and so I lose the pointer, repeatedly.

I'm going to call it the "Bermuda Side Bar Phenomenon".

It eats the pointer, and sometimes it comes out the other side! :pirate:

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Most High

There is no code in the site to change the color of the pointer. Honest.

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What color is your mouse pointer?? Mine's the plain ol' white arrow - obnoxiously visible in all circumstances Wink

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It's just the boring ol' normal one. The litte bar/icony thing that pops up when you hover over font/text instead of the arrow pops up in the side bar and then it blends in just....so with the fade out of the leather, and I lose it all the time...

Like I said, no biggie, just my eyes being eyefail. EYEFAIL. :rolleyes:

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Now you just reminded me I forgot to change my mouse pointers after reinstalling XD

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In the old color scheme, the passages from The Book stood out as being a markedly different background from the regular story. Now they just blend ibn to the regular background and it is sometimes harder to see where they begin and end.

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Most High

I may have a solution to that ready-made. They are still a different typeface, though, if that helps at all...

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