Executive Decision: Book Pre-Sales Wrapping Up Soon-ish (update)

  • Posted on: 5 March 2009
  • By: MeiLin

Folks are still sending in donations to the editor fund, aka the book pre-sale, to the point now where my contribution has dropped to $175 and yours is now standing at $825.


I've decided that when my contribution reaches zero, the pre-sales will end. That means that the packages listed here will be unavailable until we start fundraising for editing book two, at which point they'll probably change. That means there are three more autographed copy packages and a hot-off-the-press PDF package available (or one autographed copy/acknowledgement, one autograph package and one PDF package--or 7 PDF packages), and then we're done until book two editing.

I'm not sure how Netta and I are going to proceed after she's through with the first run-through of book one. She doesn't want me working on book one until the mss for book three is all the way done, and I'm about a third of the way through. So! Shut up and write, Mei!

Update: Someone just chucked another $100 into the fund! :O So now there is $75 left to go--one autographed copy package and a hot-off-the-press PDF package, or three of the latter. Also remember the still-available anniversary tee, which goes off sale tomorrow forever.


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to think that i'd actually be WANTING them to get my early retirement through so i can afford this... There will be more copies of the books printed to buy later, right? right?! T_T

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Most High

This is just a special pre-sale. There will be plenty of books and PDFs available for people to buy--since I'm POD, essentially unlimited--but I won't be autographing them etc. Well, I might do an ongoing autograph package. We'll see. I will certainly autograph books for people who meet me at cons etc, no charge (do I really even need to say that? Gosh! Smile ).

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guess i'll be saving for plane-tickets to go to a con then Wink

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...well, just to finish out the series. I try to keep on budget since I have little awareness of financial matters but it was for a good cause. If someone has / does get a $25, we can ensure Ms/ Mei Lin there has recouped her out of pocket expense.


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