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Standfast Jenks

  • Posted on: 5 December 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Valet, bodyguard and cavalry officer Standfast Jenks, in living color and much improved in this 2012 character study by Portraitist to the Imperial Court Alice Fox. A high-resolution version of this file is available for purchase in the store.

(Note: Most of the comments refer to the original character study, which just did not look right. This is drastically different from that character study.)

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packrat's picture

...easily my favorite character study so far

Freydis's picture

Oh my, he is exactly as I pictured him. Which is especially neat since I always saw Jenks in my mind's eye as Joe from 'The Princess Diaries' (Hector Elizondo).

Stormy's picture


there is definitely some of that Conneryhotness vibe coming across.

fairnymph's picture


I'd totally do him.

TheBoy's picture


The headshot looks positively Machiavellian--less earnest than I'd expected from Jenks. I don't see him as a conniver, and those eyebrows...

First thought? "Rasputin."

ETA: another word: "smarmy"

Seth Gray's picture


I...I'm sorry, but it looks like he has breasts in that first picture.

manoki's picture


I am generally not a fan of other peoples' images of book characters, especially move images. So I don't usually look at these pictures of Alices. But this one caught my eye. I like the red vest and the grey hair. He looks somewhat the way I imagined, but Alice's image is more slender than mine. I thought he was stocky and muscular. And I hadn't pictured his face, very much.

Pidgin's picture

Who created this?

TheBoy's picture


Alice Fox.

sarianna's picture


Oh, he looks so freaking leggy. Little odd to me.

TheBoy's picture


part of it is probably a fairly high waist.
Tack on a fairly tight vest, and that might explain the apparent boobage, too.

Sonja's picture

Love the portrait. Lotta character.

Ryan's picture

Hrm. Not how I pictured Jenks. I love his character, but this is a bit too suave and effeminate. I'd have made him stockier, broader-chested, and much more muscular in the arms. Here he looks like a 60-year-old jewler sans monocle. Story's going really well, though!!

Nye's picture


I like the headshot a lot. It's much the way I pictured him.

The proportions are just a bit off for me in the full view. The clothes and nattiness are spot on, but his head is tiny and boobage kinda impressive.

Vandole's picture


Wow I could not have been further off on what Jenks looked like. For some reason I tend to ignore descriptions of people given and just make up my own.

Clare-Dragonfly's picture


I had pictured him with more hair, less of it on his face. Everything else is exactly as I imagined, though. Love the slightly raised eyebrow. The pecs do seem oddly impressive for the rest of his frame, though.

Firesong's picture


Yeah, somehow I never pictured Jenks with a beard. Then again, I tend to picture most of the male characters without beards, probably wrongly, because they're not fashionable in our culture, but apparently they are fashionable in Tremont. Ilhovin had a beard at age 19, and Temmin's trying to grow his.

A's picture


Love the raised eyebrow. I believe that Temmin just said something doltish...

I pictured more silver than grey, and for some reason, I didn't remember that Jenks had a beard and mustache, but overall, very spiffy. I thought the head was a little too small too, But I can totally see him astride a horse, leading a charge, dancing with a little princess, or setting out Temmin's clothes.

Is that the Tremontine Red? Or can only the royals wear the color?

MeiLin's picture

Most High

Not just the royals can wear it; it's the house color of the royal family, just as certain shades of green and gray are for the Sairish royal family. So the household livery is built around black with accents of Tremontine red; the men wear red waistcoats, and the maids have red ribbons dangling from their caps. Teacher wears a Tremontine red cravat.

Lis's picture

By far my favorite portrait was of Temmin. I just couldn’t wrap my head around that skinny ‘stash of his, and Alice worked it really well. Although I’d always seen Jenks as wider and more obviously muscular, this portrait gives me a clearer image of his face.

Ely's picture


I imagined Jenks older, stockier and with a more open face, the reliable old uncle type ... oh, I see: I seem to have imagined him through Temmin's warped point of view. As much as I tend to avoid looking at other people's pictures of my favorite characters, I like to see the art from MeiLin/Alice: after all, how often can you get the 'real' appearance of written-word characters ?
Lots of 'published' authors complain about their books' covers because it was different in their head(s)...

What's more, most of the time, something in the pictures surprises me, and the difference with my mind-picture is interesting to explore Smile

kalinka's picture


Well, this is exactly how I pictured him. The close up is a little different (but I don't usually picture specific facial features when I read, just general people... I guess that's odd), but I LOVE the full view. It's perfect! It's also my favorite so far. To me, it matches his personality perfectly, and it's more of a full image because of that (full of character).

Andrea's picture


This is actually more like I pictured Teacher, only a bit younger, thinner, paler, and with longer non-receding hair, and less facial hair.

MeiLin's picture

Most High

It's her portrait of Teacher. I know it doesn't fit what you guys think, but I swear, that's Teacher. Temmin is 99.9999% nailed, to the point that Sir looked at it without knowing what it was over my shoulder and said, "Oh! It's Temmin!"

The others have succeeded in varying degrees, coming always within 95% or so of what's in my mind, which isn't Alice's fault. Smile

greatmediocrity's picture


I was picturing something else entirely. Short and barrel-chested, even, with a walrus mustache. Basically, think Jamie Hyneman, but with hair and another 15 to 20 years on him.

I may end up having to reject your reality and substitute my own.

MeiLin's picture

Most High

I love Mythbusters. We frequently reject and substitute around here. Feel free.

Starrysky's picture

I have always loved Jenks and this picture just makes him more real to me!

Amy's picture


I had expected Jenks to be kinda blondish, More earnest, with his clothes being ironed to within an inch of it's life.

bov's picture

i had imagined Jenks as much more sinewy and powerful. Great face!

NorthwoodsMan's picture


Didn't picture him with such a large forehead. Receeding hair line, yes, but not such a large forehead. Also more of a square jaw...

Gudy's picture


... is fine, although you might have a point about the jaw. The new version makes Jenks look considerably more... jovial than the older, rather more forbidding look.

MeiLin's picture

Most High

that's all. Smile

Capriox's picture


Now I want to see a version of young Jenks too! *laughs*

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