Your first snippet of Book Three

  • Posted on: 22 June 2012
  • By: MeiLin

So I actually put the first real strung-together words of book three together, as opposed to outlining. I count the book process as beginning with the outlining, and that started earlier this week, but here are the very first words I've written of what will eventually become book three. Edit: I realized too late there's a major spoiler for book 2 in this, so I'm spoilering it:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Temmin sighted down his saber, its point aimed at a man standing some thirty feet away: Lord Crecient, the youngest son of the Duke of Alzeh. He lowered the blade, whipping it through the air, and his opponent's face blanched beneath his olive skin. Temmin handed the blade to the violently red-haired servant standing beside him. "It will suffice," said Temmin. He wished it were a cavalry saber, but he didn't have the right; he hadn't entered formal training yet. The cavalry must wait until the Queen had been dead for a year. Her bones might even be clean and ready to be moved to the royal chapel by then.

Temmin stripped off his gray half-mourning gloves and coat, piling them into Wallek's arms. Would that he could strip his grief away so easily, but if he gave himself time to think on it, he clung to it more than it clung to him. Consequently, he didn't give himself much time to think on it.

"Your Highness, is this necesssary?" murmured Wallek. "You're both drunk--"

"I am as sober as Pagg," said Temmin.

"I'm just sayin this whole thing seems pointless! He said…well, he said somethin I really don' wanna repeat."

So there's that.

Keep in mind that this is the draftiest of drafts. This scene mightn't even remain in the book. But those are the first official words I've written, and I wanted to share them with you.


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Okay, so part of my mind's wondering what the other guy said that was so bad, but most of my brain's still boggling over Fen Wallek, the prospect of a fight, and the words "unnecessary" and "pointless" all being in the same vicinity of each other.

Color me very intrigued. Smile

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*throws lacy white glove in your face*

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The differences between the "horrible drafts" and the finished book continue to surprise me.

At least I'm fairly confident that Temmin survives, as it would be very difficult to continue the story with him dead!

Also, agreeing with Whimbrel about Wallek.

[edited to avoid book 2 spoiler that is in no way this commenter's fault.--MLM]

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Most High


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Please, Mei, may I have some more.

There is nothing wrong with asking.

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If you can tell us, how soon after Book Two ends does Book Three begin? Because...whoa!

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Most High what he's wearing.

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... and a couple of not completely unreasonable assumptions. But my guess would be about three spokes after the end of book two, so some time in Fall's Ending 992 KY or maybe early Winter's Beginning 993 KY.

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Most High

Yep, you got it right. The rest of this chapter is outlined now. ^_^

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