I'm a temporary big deal

  • Posted on: 15 August 2014
  • By: MeiLin

So here's a kind of cool thing that happened:

Yesterday and today editor David Gatewood is holding a 99-cent sale at Amazon for an anthology I'm in, Synchronic. It's a solid anthology; I guarantee you'll find at least three stories you like in it, and many of you will enjoy all of them. I don't get paid any more than I've already been paid, but it's the only way David gets paid for all his work so I wholeheartedly encourage you to get it. If the book does well, we get to make more anthologies and I get to work with David some more; he is just a terrific editor.

The side effect of our promo efforts for the sale is that as it catapulted the book up the Amazon charts--we topped out at #16 in the entire store, not just in SFF (where we made it to #1 in a bunch of categories)--it also catapulted its authors way up the author rankings. That's what the screenshot is of.

For a little, tiny while, I am ranked higher than Neil Gaiman. It's extremely temporary and reflects nothing but a successful promo push, but you can be damn well sure I took screen shots.


Clare-Dragonfly's picture


You'll always be a big deal to us. Wavemulticolor

Sean's picture

The anthology is still in the top thousand by sales, which is impressive! So is founding your own press to publish ?four? novels and I don't know how many short stories and novellas so far.

NorthwoodsMan's picture


"temporary big deal" ?!? Hon, this has been a big deal over somewhere around 7 years now!! Just because it's taken others that long to figure out you're that awesome, doesn't mean we don't have that nailed...

EE Giorgi's picture

Temporary or not, it's a great accomplishment -- congratulations! Smile

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