Today's BPAL: 13 (September 13, 2013)

  • Posted on: 17 November 2013
  • By: MeiLin

For those of you unfamiliar with my BPAL reviews, every Friday the 13th the company puts out a new limited edition scent, available just for that day and no more. I bought a decant rather than a whole bottle.

Generally speaking, I like the 13 series; it's usually based on a chocolate note of some kind. I don't always get a decant of the series, though, since I have a lot of them already, more than I can use in a lifetime for sure. This one has allspice and nutmeg, though, and boy I love spices. (My desert-island BPAL is Mama-ji, which is spice spice spice Neil Gaiman and spice.) Here's the description for this one:

A fortune's wheel of thirteen lucky and unlucky herbs, spun around a rich, dark core of pure cacao: allspice berries, cascara sagrada, ladybug beans, cinnamon, catnip, sweet clove, cumin, huckleberry leaves and fruit, master root, copal negro, sarsaparilla, nutmeg, and green rice.

In the decant: a definite raw cacao rather than a chocolate or cocoa. Something dusty green underneath.

Wet: Warmer than in the decant. Still overwhelmingly cacao, but with a light dusting of the spices, especially the allspice. As it develops, the allspice begins to overtake the cacao (chocolates almost always fade quickly) and the clove peeks out. There's still that dusty green. I suspect the green rice and cumin. I have no idea what ladybug beans smell like.

Dry: A few hours later and my skin has eaten this almost entirely. Just before it disappeared it was faint allspice with a little clove and dust; somehow it combined to remind me of amber, but lately my skin's been turning everything to amber. Damn hormones.

Verdict: Eh. Not bad, but not one I'll be reaching for much.

Back to the Halloweenies '13 and Liliths '13 as I try them. For the BPAL-fluent I got the following in this batch: 13; Theme in Yellow; Goblin Market; Dorian in the Pumpkin Patch; A World Where There Are Octobers; Alice in the Pumpkin Patch; Lilith's Bubblegum and Roses; Lilith's Feel Good Flowers; Tarantula Fascinator; Autumn Fancies; Capax Infiniti; Little Pythia; and Tris Tarwater lent me her decant of Dark Pumpkin Mead to review.

This sounds like I ordered a ton of perfume; these are actually two separate series, and the decanter sent them all at once to save me shipping, and these are all tiny 1 ml samples.

Any requests for tomorrow?


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While I don't understand the majority of the things you type out for these (because I don't do well at pulling out notes of things), I love reading them. If I were to order based on names alone, I would go with A World Where There Are Octobers. Review it for me?

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Most High

Was gonna write it up in a bit!

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Spooky! Biggrin Well, you know, that I asked well after you'd already put it on, not knowing you were wearing it. Glad they coincided!

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