Sneak Peak at Book 3 Draft for Newsletter Subscribers!

  • Posted on: 14 November 2013
  • By: MeiLin

Tomorrow I'm sending a chunk of book three to my newsletter--if you're not a subscriber, subscribe now or you'll miss it. The piece I'm sending out is the beginning of chapter one; it's a draft, mind, so I hope you cut me a little slack. Smile

Patrons have already seen it. Actually, patrons have seen the prologue, too, which I can't send out via newsletter since it's a little NSFW. This is IHGK. People have sex in it. That's what makes it the "intimate history" and not just the "history." Patrons will also get the next bit of chapter one tomorrow.

Whee! I love showing you guys bits of book, even if the writing isn't polished. That's what we've always done, no? Smile


GreenGlass's picture


What am I? lol

Am I a subscriber?

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Most High

Do you get my newsletter? Then you're a subscriber. Smile See the signup form to the right.

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I've changed email addresses. I best update that.

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