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Patronage means never having to say "Darn! I can't read the Crappy First Draft no more!"

Five dollars a month gives you access to:

  • The First Drafts of "An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom!" Which for some reason people want access to! Probably for the awesome conversations we had in the comments.
  • The Ask a Tremontine forum, where you can ask average Tremontine citizens questions about the world of the History. Not story-related questions--world-building questions. They may be canonical, they may not be, and what you uncover as amateur fictional anthropologists just may end up in the story.
  • The bonus series Tales of the Lovers' Temple, which are for adults-only.

You'll also be supporting Your Author and Her Family so that she can continue to write for you rather than be chained to a cubicle writing PHP code. She uses the money to buy incidentals like food and the occasional used t-shirt. Wink

Buy the number of months you want. You'll be reminded to renew your Patronage the week before it expires.



Cheez-It's picture

I decided to become a patron the day before you put up this handy button, so I just went to your older donate page and clicked the $5/week option. Then I realized I never created an account here, so I came over and did that. I got a message saying my password had been emailed to me, but it wasn't. So I waited till today and tried the "request new password" button, but that didn't work either. And now when I try to read the old first draft of the History, it tells me access denied! Any idea how I can start logging in and getting credit for my subscription? I apologize for pestering you with more site issues, and take your time getting back to me if you want to. I know computer problems often make me a little twitchy if I spend too long thinking about them. If you need to get in touch with me, the user name I set up was Leah Mari, on June 30, sometime in the afternoon, if that helps. Also, feel free to delete this comment later! Thanks so much.

MeiLin's picture

Most High

I bet you're on gmail. I'll go check the accounts here in the meantime. Let's get you that access!

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